Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang

Hi, Readers!

My name is Wendy Wang. Of course, Wendy is not my real name; and you don’t need to know my government name just yet. J

Here’s a mini bio. I was born in China, and I moved to Budapest, Hungary with my family when I was 7. At 8, I was enrolled at a private American Christian school. In between, I went to Brooklyn, NY for 6 months and also to a Hungarian public school and a private bilingual school. I eventually got my high school diploma from the American school.

I went to Webster University’s international campus in Thailand for my BA in psychology and a minor in religious studies, specifically Buddhist studies. I am currently enrolled in a master’s program of general psychology at New York University. However, I am considering alternative paths. My interests are in challenging gender stereotypes that hinder women’s potential – to empower women, specifically in organizations where their presence in senior positions is lacking. I am also interested in human sexuality, how it is portrayed in gendered and hegemonic terms.

My contribution to Optimal Functioning (OF) lies in two areas. I edit the articles that are posted on OF, and I am also a writer for a few of the articles. Because I am pursuing a graduate study and doing an internship, I may not always be punctual with corrections and new posts. So please be patient. J

I am glad to be part of this, and I am very grateful to all the readers who take the time to visit OF and read our posts.


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