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Tal Ben-Shahar – Quotes

The average is indicative of a trend, not of a necessity or of a universal truth. Often, it is those outside the norm, the exceptional ones, who point to the truth of what is possible.” (Ben-Shahar, 2007, p. 138)

Ben-Shahar, T. (2007). Happier: Learn the secrets of daily joy and lasting fulfillment. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Positive Psychology Lecture 1 by Tal Ben-Shahar

Harvard's Positive Psychology Course by Tal Ben-Shahar

This is Lecture #1 of the famous Positive Psychology course taught at Harvard University by professor Tal Ben-Shahar. These are my original notes, with a little editing, from Lecture #1 while I took Tal Ben-Shahar’s Positive Psychology class through Harvard’s Extension School. Thanks to someone who has uploaded the actual lecture, you can what it below. Here’s also a past Syllabus from the 2007-08 course. Read the full story

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Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal Ben-ShaharTal Ben-Shahar, PhD
Professor of Psychology
New School of Psychology
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

e-mail: talb[at]idc.ac.il

RESEARCH INTERESTS: positive psychology, perfectionism, happiness, and positive emotions. Read the full story

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