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Catalyst, Inc. – The Catalyst to Women’s Leadership in Business

I took an industrial/organizational psychology course called Psychology of Diversity, which was about managing a diverse workforce in organizations. A few of our assigned readings were research reports from a non-profit research and consulting organization that has a focus on empowering women as business people and helping companies to create an environment that is receptive of women’s leadership.

Woman and Her Team

So this is why I am writing this introduction because I find their work very inspiring and very conducive to women’s progression in economic leadership and decision-making. Their reports are written colloquially, and they cover many different aspects of women’s leadership. One particular aspect that I look into for a paper in this Psychology of Diversity course was on the barriers that women face from obtaining executive positions in companies even though they are equally qualified compared to their male counterparts.

Catalyst, though a small organization, has worked with major corporations, such as Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, IBM, etc. In addition, from what I have read, winning a Catalyst award for a company is an honor that will gain the recognition of the organization’s sincerity and success in its diversity strategies.

I was positively surprised to know that selected people at New York University (NYU) have connections with Catalyst, Inc. Madeline Heilman, Ph.D., director of graduate studies at NYU’s psychology department, has given presentations at Catalyst and also has students who work there. At that time I explored the Middle Kingdom where pursued an internship at the consulting department of Catalyst, and I am also a research assistant in Dr. Heilman’s lab. (Dr. Heilman has extensively researched women’s barriers to organizational success. If any of you want an article from her as a sample, please request one.) Additionally, a former president of Catalyst is now a professor at NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

You can take a more detailed look at Catalyst, Inc. for yourselves on www.catalyst.org. Their research reports can be either purchased or downloaded for FREE in pdf versions. Even if you don’t have the enthusiasm to check out their website thoroughly, at least download their research reports. I think everyone can learn something from Catalyst’s dedicated work.

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