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10 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude & Become Happier

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to improve your well-being and among other things, increasing your happiness. Within positive psychology inquiries, gratitude interventions have proven to be among the most effective, as world expert on gratitude Robert A. Emmons and other researchers have found. Among the wide ranging benefits, researchers have found that “gratitude is positively related to such critical outcomes as life satisfaction, vitality, happiness, self-esteem, optimism, hope, empathy, and the willingness to provide emotional and tangible support for other people, whereas being ungrateful is related to anxiety, depression, envy, materialism and loneliness.” (p. 186)

“A person with the disposition to feel grateful has established a worldview that says, in effect, that all of life is a gift, gratuitously given. Although we cannot in any direct way be grateful, we can cultivate gratefulness by structuring our lives, our minds, and our words in such a way as to facilitate awareness of gratitude-inducing experiences and labeling them as such.” (p. 187) In other words “gratitude is a way of life.” (p. 186)

(Gratitude is one of the 24 Character Strengths included in the VIA Survey of Character Strengths which is a scientifically validated measurement designed to identify what your top signature strengths are.)

The top 10 evidence-based prescriptions for becoming more grateful: Read the full story

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Happy People Become Happier Through Kindness

ResearchCounting your kind acts throughout the day will make you happier. This is what a team of Japanese and a U.S. researcher found in two studies they conducted.

Overall people who counted their kind acts each day for a week became happier for at least a month later. And the increase in happiness was greater for people who were already happy to begin with. This finding was the result of two studies in 2006 by researchers Keiko Otake, Satoshi Shimai, Junko Tanaka-Matsumi, Kanako Otsui, and Barbara Fredrickson.

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Sonja Lyubomirsky

Sonja LyubomirskySonja Lyubomirsky, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology (Social)
University of California, Riverside

e-mail: sonja.lyubomirsky[at]ucr.edu

RESEARCH INTERESTS: happiness, positive psychology, Read the full story

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Mark Van Doren – Quotes

“Our best chance for happiness is education.”- Mark Van Doren

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TED Talks – Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology

Marting Seligman TED TalksIn his appearance at TED Talks, psychologist Martin Seligman presented a compact introduction to what positive psychology is and why it matters. If you are already familiar with the field, you will find it a real treat to have your memory refreshed by the man who is considered to be the father of this organized re-balancing of psychology. Read the full story

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Children’s Happiness

Children's Happiness

"Cindy, age 7 in the picture, sister of author"

For this opinion paper, I will be focusing on children’s happiness, from the perspective of positive psychology. I decided on this topic because I am becoming increasingly interested in this field. It is definitely with this perspective that I want to continue my career in psychology. I want to start off by saying that children’s happiness is extremely important. There are numerous theories that talk about how a person’s childhood will predict or influence her future personality. Whether that may be true for most people or not, I know personally that having a predominantly happy or stressful or sad childhood makes a big difference. I have a collection of unpleasant memories from my childhood, and for a long time, it affected my personality and the way I interact with the world. Read the full story

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