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Type 1 Diabetes, Genetics, Environment, and Diet

On this week’s episode of Food for Life TV, Dr. Barnard gives an overview of how insulin is made. He also explains that type 1 diabetes is caused when the body produces no insulin. Research shows that this may occur when antibodies in your body fight off proteins found in cows milk. Dr. Barnard also outlines how people already diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can cut down on diabetes complications by eating foods that are vegan, low in fat, and have a low gylcemic index.

A search on PubMed does confirm that Type 1 Diabetes is partly genetic, ranging between 30-60%, while the rest is attributed to environmental enablers and causes which are not well understood. From the quick overview I am not sure if cow milk is one of the enabler as Neil Barnard pointed out but then again cow milk during childhood has been link to greater amount of allergies and weakened immune systems.

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Cheese and Other Foods that Make Diabetes Worse

On this week’s episode of Food for Life TV, Dr. Barnard explains that fatty foods, such as burgers, fried chicken, cheese, and even vegetable fats—like olive oil and peanut butter—can stop insulin from helping glucose enter muscle cells and cause type 2 diabetes. But preventing these food could be preventing heart diseases, you should building your meal with fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans will keep your diet low in fat and actually clean the fat from your body, allowing insulin to help glucose enter your muscle cells and reverse or prevent diabetes.

Find more information and guides to prevent diabetes on the Cultural Health Solutions website and their blog.

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