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TEDMED – Your health depends on where you live – by Bill Davenhall

Our health depends in part on environmental impacts. As Bill Davenhall shared at TEDMED, there are trends of specific health risks associated with specific locations. We need to know more about where we live and what impact it may have on our health.

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Fuel, Food, Pollution… and a Solution

Selling Out Our PlantFor many third world countries a stable food supply keeps death at bay, but when shortages occur, it puts millions of people’s lives at risk. We are currently facing a major food crisis, where prices have risen due to an increased demand, which is expected to double by 2030. There are ongoing riots in developing countries and growing global concerns. The World Bank is projecting that 100 million people will starve if the current developments continue, which means the food crisis will get worse, much worse. The soaring demand is caused by an intervention of several factors such as bio-fuels, dietary trends and pollution, and a common solution is found in individuals switching to a whole plant-based diet. The situation is far from simple, but if you keep reading you’ll know how these important aspects are tightly interconnected by the time you’re done.

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