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The Feeling of Uncertainty Intensifies Affective Reactions


Uncertainty enhances our experiences, making the pleasant experiences more pleasant and the unpleasant even more unpleasant. This has been demonstrated in a series of studies by Bar-Anan, Wilson, & Gilbert (2009) in which feelings of uncertainty were shown to heighten positive and negative experiences respectively. This the authors claim to be the first studies to show that uncertainty intensifies affective reactions (our positive and negative experiences).

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Todd Kashdan

Todd KashdanTodd B. Kashdan, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology (Clinical)
George Mason University

e-mail: tkashdan[at]gmu.edu

RESEARCH INTERESTS: positive psychology, curiosity, positive emotions, personal strengths, interpersonal relationships, the assessment & cultivation of well-being, gratitude, meaning & purpose in life, anxiety disorders, and self-regulation. Read the full story

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