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Contaminated Without Consent (Chemical Toxins)

Contaminated Without Consent is about “the hidden risks from chemical contaminants found in our homes, workplaces, the products we buy, and even our bodies.”

source: Contaminated Without Consent

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Children’s Happiness

Children's Happiness

"Cindy, age 7 in the picture, sister of author"

For this opinion paper, I will be focusing on children’s happiness, from the perspective of positive psychology. I decided on this topic because I am becoming increasingly interested in this field. It is definitely with this perspective that I want to continue my career in psychology. I want to start off by saying that children’s happiness is extremely important. There are numerous theories that talk about how a person’s childhood will predict or influence her future personality. Whether that may be true for most people or not, I know personally that having a predominantly happy or stressful or sad childhood makes a big difference. I have a collection of unpleasant memories from my childhood, and for a long time, it affected my personality and the way I interact with the world. Read the full story

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When is the Right Time to Teach Children about Sex?

When to teach children about sex?I think that one of the main issues in sex education is timing. I have always wondered when the appropriate time is to teach children about sex and sexuality. Timing is important because it is part of the proactive approach to sex education. Read the full story

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