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BBC Life – True Wonders of Life

An unforgettable documentary of epic scale. From the first minute to the last I was sucked into BBC’s gorgeous visuals and David Attenborough’s unparalleled narration. A true masterpiece! I was in awe at the beauty, complexity, and ingenuity of evolution’s rainbow. Anyone even with a sliver of curiosity will not be able to resist.

This is a perfect time to make good use of character strengths such as Curiosity, Love of Learning, and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. To find out more about character strengths and your own strengths, read my article on the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.

Warning: Do not watch the U.S. version by Discovery Channel with Oprah Winfrey’s appaling narration. You are better of muting the sound than listen to Oprah Winfrey’s whimsical attempt of trying to do what legendary David Attenborough has been doing for decades.

Some excerpts form BBC Life


List of the 10 Episodes Read the full story

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