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Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Speckly is the simplest and best meta torrent search engine I have come across. It is relatively new and still in beta testing. Nevertheless, to me, it has already dethroned all other competitors.

Speckly Logo

But, as with many new startups, as they have found out it is hard to be the best. The occasional hick-up with the site has been a reflection of their struggle to meet the unexpected spikes of users. They are simply, yet another victim of their own success. The good news it that the issues seem to be resolved with the added hardware and bandwidth they have promised for the increased demand.

So, you might ask, what differentiates Speckly from other torrent search engines? As other torrent search engines Speckly compiles their result list from the major torrent tracker sites (i.e.:,, …). The difference lies with how they display these results. One file, as you may know, can and more than often exists on a number of torrent tracker site. So in order to unclutter the results and avoid duplicates, Speckly compiles from the various torrent tracker sites one fused result per file. In other words you will only see one item for a file that exists on different trackers.

In addition, all the seeder and leecher numbers from all torrent trackers of a given file are added up. This way you will merely see a single total of both the seeders and leechers of a file to help reflect the popularity of the file across all torrent tracker sites. This way it is quick and easy to see which file for a particular search is the most popular. Other than that they tell you the file size, file type, and let you narrow your search by a number of media types.

Go to and give it a try but I hope you come back and share your opinion with us. Also check out the PM software.


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