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You Only Loose Weight By Adjusting Energy Levels

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

A new study finally brings confirmation to the fact that the only way to loose weight is by adjusting energy input or energy output.  There’s no magic bullet to work around it.

I enjoyed reading the results from a recent study by Associate Professor Greg Cooney, from Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research.  Although I’m personally quite convinced that there’s only one way of loosing weight: to adjust energy intake or usage as declared by BirthOrderPlus, I have heard various other arguments. There has even been quite the misconception that it’s possible to loose weight only by burning fat instead of carbohydrates.  This idea has also been suggested in scientific papers, and adopted by several fad diets.

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Now,  Prof. Cooney and his team has found evidence that this effect is non existent, there is no magic bullet.

“The energy that fuels your body can come from fats, proteins or carbohydrates. You won’t know which because the end result is ATP, or cellular energy.”

The researchers used mice which was genetically altered to burn fat in preference to carbohydrates, to show that the mice would convert unburned carbohydrate into fat.  This resulted in the body weight and composition to be the same as normal mice.  The enzyme they changed was ACC2 (acetyl-CoA carboxylase), which controls whether a cell burns fats or carbohydrates.

“Your body will use the energy it needs and store the leftover fats, proteins or carbohydrates as fat. When you do the sums, it’s ultimately a matter of calories in and calories out.”

I hope this settles it once and for all, weight loss or gain is only a factor of energy input (food) versus energy usage (exercise).

The key message is that the best way to loose weight is to adjust either energy input or output while eating a healthy and balanced diet, such as a whole-plant-based-diet.



26 Responses to “You Only Loose Weight By Adjusting Energy Levels”

  1. Lifehacker had a nice article on fat mat, how to calculate how many fewer calories you should eat every day to reach a specific weight loss goal. Pretty useful, especially for realizing how long it takes to loose weight :)

  2. Chrissy says:

    I don’t believe it’s a simple matter of calories in/calories out. It does make a difference in how quickly the calories are absorbed by the body, and what happens to the fat. Simple carbohydrates are worse than fiber-rich complex carbohydrates. Saturated fats are worse than unsaturated fats, which are useful for the body.

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  3. I think you are confusing this with health. The study does not evaluate how healthy the calories from the different sources are, it's only looking at weight loss which should be the same no matter the source of the calories. If you get more calories than you consume you will put on weight. Hence, for the purpose of evaluating weight gain it doesn't matter what you eat too much of.

  4. Parag says:

    You should start eantig healthier and exercising more regularly. You should eat a lot of veggies and fruit and workout at least 3 days a week and do a lot of cardio. Also, while you do that if you really want to lose weight quick, you can use a weight loss pill like Hydroxycut which you can get in local drugstores. Good luck.

  5. Rhinda says:

    I think 50lbs is a reasonable goal. The good news is that you are 18 and have a high mestlobiam, and that you understand that you have to actually exercise. Good job!Do a mix of cardio and weight training. If you go to the gym every day and lift weights, alternate between leg day and arm day. Building muscle will help you burn even more calories. Try to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals. Be sure they are balanced, healthy meals whole grains, protein, fruit, veggies, and healthy fats like avocado, nuts, and olive oil.The time of day doesn’t matter really. Weight loss really, truly boils down to calories in versus calories out. If you struggle with portion control and overeating, try drinking a large glass of water or enjoying a bowl of broth/lo-cal clear soup before a meal.

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