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Latest in Clinical Nutrition (2008) by Michael Greger

The Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2008 by Michael Greger 300x209 Latest in Clinical Nutrition (2008) by Michael Greger health In information packed and research backed dose of fun interesting …A quick, easy, and especially interesting way.

Weeding through thousands of researches published in the last year and selecting out the most interesting, practical, and groundbreaking findings from what the latest nutritional science has to offer.


Contents (playlist)

1. Introduction [00:00]
2. Nutrition Quizshow [00:00]
3. Nutrasweet: Harmful? [00:00]
4. MSG: Harmless? [00:00]
5. Black Pepper: Helpful? [00:00]
6. Vitamin E Supplements [00:00]
7. Vitamin A Supplements [00:00]
8. Beta Carotene Supplements [00:00]
9. Vitamin D Supplements [00:00]
10. Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking [00:00]
11. Broccoli Sprouts [00:00]
12. One Egg a Day: Harmful? [00:00]
13. Two Cups of Coffee a day? [00:00]
14. Black Coffee vs. Black Tea [00:00]
15. Black Tea vs. Green Tea [00:00]
16. Yerba Maté [00:00]
17. Red Tea [00:00]
18. Honeybush Tea [00:00]
19. Soy Foods [00:00]
20. Soy for Women with Breast Cancer? [00:00]
21. Meat [00:00]
22. Dairy Products [00:00]
23. Flame Retardants in U.S. Food [00:00]
24. Farmed Fish vs. Wild-Caught Fish [00:00]
25. Fish: Omega 3s and Mercury [00:00]
26. Should Everyone Take Algae DHA? [00:00]
27. Meat and Arthritis [00:00]
28. Acrylamide in French Fries [00:00]
29. New Antioxidant Superstars [00:00]
30. Superfood Bargains [00:00]
31. Recipe of the Year [00:00]
32. Oranges vs. Orange Juice [00:00]
33. Apples vs. Apple Sauce [00:00]
34. Sun-dried vs. Golden Raisins [00:00]
35. Raisins vs. Currents [00:00]
36. Carrots vs. Baby Carrots [00:00]
37. Green Lettuce vs. Red Lettuce [00:00]
38. Red Onions vs. Yellow Onions [00:00]
39. Pinto Beans vs. Black Beans [00:00]
40. The Best Bean [00:00]
41. The Best Mushroom [00:00]
42. The Best Beverage [00:00]
43. Bottled Water vs. Tap Water [00:00]
44. The Best Apple Variety [00:00]
45. The Best Nut [00:00]
46. Raw vs. Cooked Vegetables [00:00]
47. Steaming vs. Microwaving [00:00]
48. Roasted Nuts vs. Raw Nuts [00:00]
49. Best Cancer-Fighting Berry [00:00]
50. Flawed Study Interpretation [00:00]
51. Golden Carrot Study of the Year [00:00]
52. Conclusion [00:00]


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