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Latest in Clinical Nutrition (2007) by Michael Greger

In information packed and research backed dose of fun interesting …A quick, easy, and especially interesting way.

Weeding through thousands of researches published in the last year and selecting out the most interesting, practical, and groundbreaking findings from what the latest nutritional science has to offer.


Contents (playlist)

01. Introduction [00:00]
02. Preventing Cancer: Which Foods to Avoid [01:51]
03. Slowing the Growth of Breast Cancer [05:21]
04. Preventing Cancer: Which Foods to Eat [11:09]
05. Just the Flax, Ma’am [15:35]
06. How to Eliminate Constipation [20:43]
07. The Healthiest Vegetables [21:55]
08. The Dangers of Blue-Green Algae and Spirulina [24:18]
09. Never Eat Raw Alfalfa Sprouts [26:10]
10. Fecal Bacteria in Sushi [28:24]
11. How Much Pesticide Can Be Washed Off? [31:03]
12. Which Fruits and Vegetables Don’t Count? [35:27]
13. How Much Doctors Know About Nutrition [39:52]
14. Raw Food Diet Myths [42:33]
15. The Food That Can Drop Your Cholesterol 20 Points [45:44]
16. The Healthiest Fruits [47:27]
17. Noni Juice: Helpful, Harmless, or Harmful? [48:48]
18. HerbaLife Supplements: Helpful, Harmless, or Harmful? [49:20]
19. The Healthiest Beverage [49:47]
20. The Food That Cuts Your Fatal Heart Attack Risk in Half [50:16]
21. Foods for Weight Loss [54:48]
22. The Great Grain Robbery [57:12]
23. Good Fats, Bad Fats, Great Fats, and Killer Fats [59:29]
24. What About Olive Oil? [61:43]
25. The Healthy Type of Chocolate [65:05]
26. Recipe of the Year [68:02]
27. Nutritional Deficiencies: Vegans vs. Meateaters [69:26]
28. Avoiding Iodine Deficiency [70:49]
29. The One Supplement Everyone Eating a Healthy Diet Needs [74:33]
30. New Studies on Vegans and Vegetarians [76:14]
31. Effects of Meat Hormones on Fertility [79:46]
32. IQ and Vegetarian Children [82:14]
33. Diet and Body Odor [84:06]
34. Conclusion [87:08]


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