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The Douglass Report & William Campbell Douglass II – in Question

Updated: Jan 20, 2010

The Raw Truth by William Campbell Douglass II

This post is in response to someone who has forwarded to me William Campbell Douglass II’s newsletter. I won’t go into any specifics of William Campbell Douglass II’s truth claims. While there are certainly many aspects and claims made by William Campbell Douglass II that need to be put into question, these nitty-gritty specifics detract from the overall problems with the information he provides on his website ( and his promotional e-mail newsletters. For that reason I would like to draw your attention to the underlying problems with the information presented by him and the potential threats to your optimal functioning. So here we go.

His website, to be found at provides very little actual advice. Most pages go on and on providing nothing more than teasers until they end with either advising the reader to buy one of his books or subscribing to his monthly publication. Note, both are either written or edited by him and are not peer-reviewed or subjected to the necessary scientific rigor that is needed for quality control. In other words it is up to William Campbell Douglass II’s digression and good will to present so called facts, which does not cut it in science.

Furthermore I also would like to note that most of the information presented is not referenced or in any other indicated way based on facts. Unfortunately, more commonly, what is stated by Dr. Douglass is information that the reader is unable to verify. It may very well be current scientific understanding or it could be a misrepresented construed to fit his arguments. We simply cannot know from the information he provides.

In the June edition of Dr. Douglass’ newsletter that someone I know has forwarded to me, only contains promotional information about Dr. Douglass’ book The RAW TRUTH About MILK. You can see for yourself as I have reproduced the entire newsletter at the bottom of this article. From the provided information, this book is a marketing strategy of presenting the the milk industry as the “ultimate evil” and then drawing the reader into the author’s argument so that we as the reader will side with the author and against the milk industry. It is important that while one can and arguable should side against the milk industry, is still a long way off from agreeing with Dr. Douglass. What was further irritating was that the author places in this newsletter cleverly added page numbers just before he provides the answers and solutions to his profound claims and promises to the problems he claims to have the answers to. Worst of all there are no references to support his claims within this promotional email, not even one. The best the author can do is quote some well chosen supporters or refer back to his allegedly supporting readers. Also notice how no explanations or supporting references are provided for the few health claims that are mentioned in-favor of raw milk consumption.

In the form and shape this newsletter about his book is presented, it is a personal opinion piece or a personal vendetta but it is otherwise clearly unsubstantiated. In the end it is not about being for or against the milk industry or Dr. Douglass’ claims. Rather it is about being a reader and continuously questioning the information one is presented with as well as its sources.

Personally I advice against all milk consumption and against all milk products. For a brief explanation for why it is best to avoid all milk products read Dr. McDougall’s March, 2007 newsletter. For the optimal functioning of our bodies, a well rounded low-fat whole plant based food diet without any animal products has the most health promoting features.

_________REPLICATION of Dr. Dougall’s newsletter_________

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Agora Health Books <>
Date: 2008/7/12
Subject: Agora Health Books – Before you touch your next glass of milk

July 12, 2008

You are receiving this e-mail because you have expressed an interest in alternative health care by purchasing a book from Agora Health Books and providing us with your e-mail address. If you wish to permanently remove yourself from this mailing list, please follow the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of this page.

Don’t let the milk industry murder you and your family!

The inside scoop on the most crooked gang of thieves in the country— they’re getting rich selling you milk-flavored poison… But don’t despair, I’m about to show you how to save your life!

Dear Trusted Reader,

Sirens scream and the deafening roar of helicopters fill the area surrounding the farm. Searchlights flicker everywhere. FBI agents dash from their cars with guns drawn and kick through the front door of the house…

Are they after a serial killer…or busting up an international drug ring? No!

They’re fighting to keep one of the greatest natural medicines known to mankind out of your hands…

“This is the only
definitive book on milk ever written.”

“It should change the attitude of the American people concerning the value of unprocessed foods. Every American concerned about his
health should read this book.”

–Jack Mathis
President, Mathis Dairy

What you’re about to read could be the most important thing you’ve seen in your life. I do not consider it an exaggeration to say that this nation’s destiny—and the destiny of everyone in it—will be affected by what we do about milk.

Save your life—and the life of your family:
Discover RAW TRUTH behind America’s
milk scandal!

It’s an udder outrage! I’ve warned against the dangers of pasteurized milk for nearly 30 years and I’m appalled it’s STILL not illegal. I even testified against pasteurization before the South Carolina legislature.

Pasteurized, homogenized milk is brewed up in big factories, boiled beyond recognition and so chemically “enhanced” that by the time it gets to you it’s just milk-flavored poison I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole—let alone serve it to my child.

But you’d just go on drinking this crud without knowing that it could cost you your life!

Why? Because the agriculture industry shells out BIG BUCKS to cloud the truth with their own “studies” on how fabulous pasteurization is…and trust me, these guys are worse than tobacco lobbyists!

Meanwhile, whole raw milk—perhaps nature’s most perfect food—is criminalized like some sort of street drug. Anyone selling it could face investigation, serious jail time or be forced to pay huge fines.

When in fact…

Raw milk, animal fat, and animal protein in your diet
can save your life

Our greatest agricultural loss today is due to our senseless destruction of fresh, raw milk through pasteurization and ultra-pasteurization, which turns a great food into a white, “milk- flavored drink,” about as nutritious as a glass of Cola.

A switch to unprocessed, unpasteurized milk should be a national priority…

Because raw milk is the hidden key
to unlimited health!

…and today I’m bringing you the scoop you need to fight off the milk criminals of the world, protect your family and with any luck, get the most out of your milk— nature’s MOST PERFECT FOOD!

Stamping out the lethal SOY PLOY!

One piece of vegetarian propaganda is deadlier than all the others combined, and I’ve got the shocking research to prove it too…

Despite its status as darling of the vegetarian “meat martyrs,” soy is NOT a health food. Yet somehow this lethal bean will be the foundation of the new international nutrition. And it wasn’t even considered a food until 50 years ago!

Supermarkets and coffeeshops across the country are offering soy-milk instead of natural cow’s milk—and people are duped into thinking it’s the HEALTHY option. Nothing could be further from the truth! And if you happen to have thyroid issues…you’ll definitely want to check out my groundbreaking information on page 279!

It’s all in the latest edition of my book, “The RAW TRUTH About MILK.” And if you ask me—or any of the thousands who read earlier editions—I’d say it’s my most important work yet.

Because proper understanding of milk, and its destructive effects when heat treated—and the remarkable therapeutic effects when used raw—I think we can:

  • Cut billions of dollars off our medical bills
  • Raise the I.Q. of our children
  • And banish some of today’s worst health disasters…

What if with just one single serving of raw milk, we could be well on our way to wiping out diabetes, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure…and much more?!

Plus, you’ll find out:

  • What to NEVER feed a baby, unless you want it to grow up sickly and deformed…don’t worry, I’ll show you the perfect baby formula on page 131
  • Why most supermarket milks make you fat—and what you can do to look fit and trim…page 18
  • How buttermilk can preserve a steak for 13 years!—Sounds crazy but it’s true…just check out page 83

So why is raw milk as illegal as murder if it’s so great? Let’s look at history a little closer to find out…

“Factual and funny, witty and blisteringly honest…”

“Filled with truth and hilarity…all the stuff
that usually only fiction is made of.”

–Maureen Kennedy Salaman President, National Health Federation

Arming you with the knowledge you need to outsmart the crooked dairy industry, and experience the gulp of PERFECT HEALTH you deserve…

If you don’t mind my saying so, writing this book was no easy feat. Along the way, I visited dozens of farms, pored through centuries of milk research, traveled overseas, and found myself on more than one occasion wading through mountains of cow-dung…

But all the sweat and tears were worth it, because “The RAW TRUTH About MILK” gives you essential knowledge you can’t get anywhere else…

  • Milk farms today are almost DIRTIER than they were in the dark ages, and that means your milk is full of THIS…
  • The milk-like beverage forced on your grandchildren and advertised as nutritious—when in fact, it could be toxic!
  • The century old butter swindle that slashes 12 years from your life expectancy…
  • How the residents of Lichtenstein lived till 150—by choosing their diet very carefully…and how you can do the same!
  • The sea animal that might have the VERY BEST MILK known to mankind…

And I haven’t even mentioned my groundbreaking investigations into America’s ice cream and butter scandals!

Concerned that you can’t find raw cows’ milk anywhere? Don’t worry! I’ll show you the BEST farm in America to score some…and if you can’t make it there, I’ll show you the next best raw milk that’s much easier to find.


As always, my book is covered by my Ultimate Guarantee. I’m sure this book will change your life—and the life of anyone else you share it with. But if for some reason you decide it’s not for you, just let me know. I’ll refund your cash (including shipping and handling!) lickety-split—NO EXCEPTIONS and NO QUESTIONS!

So stop paying the crooked dairy industry to slowly kill you. Stop feeding yourself and your children with what “they” call milk. Stop listening to shouting vegetarians and get the REAL truth you simply won’t find anywhere else.

To making DAIRY a lot less SCARY,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
Editor, The Douglass Report

Order Now

P.S. The milk industry is getting rich as the health of you and your family goes down the drain. Don’t wait till the cows come home—order your copy today. It’s guaranteed to knock your socks off and change your health for the better…or your money back

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_________REPLICATION of Dr. Dougall’s newsletter_________

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