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Dean Ornish Discussing the Science of Health

Updated: Sep 20, 2017

Lifestyle changes, according to Dr. Dean Ornish, can turn on your good genes and help you live longer and better lives. All this without the high costs of new drugs and treatments that will usually cost you a fortune or expose you to countless side effects –
learn more at (Ornish’s segment starts at 4:19)

Dr. Dean Ornish says much of what we need we can achieve by making changes in our lifestyle which can change our genes within 3 months, turning on the good genes that help prevent disease and turning off bad genes that cause disease. Change in diet also extends the markers that indicate longer lifespan. Simple choices in our lives can have a powerful impact as drugs can but at the fraction of the cost, without the side effects, and often with the same effectiveness! He also points out that sustainable changes are based on pleasure and when we live not just longer but better lives we experience more pleasure which is how we can make these changes in our lifestyle sustainable.


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