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Updated: May 25, 2009

SuperGenPass is one of the easiest and simplest ways of having secure passwords accessible from any computer without having to remember them. It is free, portable, requires no installation, and does not store any of your passwords-ever!

Is SuperGenPass for you?
If you want your passwords to be secure and unique as well as easy to keep track of without having to remember them, then will help to make your life much easier. Having one, two or a hand full of passwords for all your web accounts is far from secure and not a good idea while more and more of our activities and lives are moving online. And if you are anything like me, having accounts on more websites than I care to know, then you’ll find SuperGenPass a user friendly way to take care of the passwords for all your account on the web without compromising security. And best of all, it works on all operating systems, whether you are using Windows, OSX, and/or Linux as well as all web browsers including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. All it takes is one good master password and you are ready go.

My personal experience with SuperGenPass
My personal experience has been nothing but positive. I started out skeptically and at first I cautiously  used it only with some of my less important web accounts. After a few weeks have gone by without a hitch, I was ready to upgrade all my passwords to become more secure. I have now been using it for months and have not encountered any problems. This was not the first time I have tried to manage my passwords but let me just list three problems I have encountered with password managers in the past that are now solved for me with SuperGenPass:

  1. They required some software to be installed, which meant I did not have access to my passwords on my friends’ computers, on school computers, or when I was in an internet cafe.
  2. The password manager software generally did not work across operating systems, which meant I could not install the software when needed on Windows, OSX, and Linux.
  3. When my hard drive crashed I lost many passwords and it was very time consuming to get them back.

SuperGenPass on the other hand does not have any of these problems, which made it painless and easy for me to use it on a regular bases without having to worry about where my passwords are stored, if I can access them, or the fear of loosing them.
(note: To switch to using SuperGenPass you will have to change all your passwords and generate new one with SuperGenPass. My suggestion is to gradually transition as I did myself.)

How does it work?
The SuperGenPass bookmarklet (JavaScipt code saved as a bookmark) generates all passwords through very complex mathematical calculations from the website domain (i.e.: and your master password. SuperGenPass only uses the primary domain (i.e.: to generate your passwords and it ignores sub domains (i.e.: Any change of your master password or the domain would create a completely different password.

A pleasant side effect of this is that you are protected from providing phishing sites with your actual passwords since their URL only look similar (i.e.: As a result SuperGenPass will generate a password that is different from your real password and you will only submit this false password to the phishing site.

Each password is a combination of upper and lower case letters from A to Z as well as numbers from 0 to 9. You can choose your password length to be anywhere between 4 to 24 character. Plus your master password cannot be reverse engineered from any of your generated passwords.

It is also important to know that all passwords are generated on your computer and the SuperGenPass bookmarklet never transmits any information over the internet. In fact, for it to work, it does not require an internet connection but then again without internet you can’t log into your internet account either. You can always get the bookmarklet from the SuperGenPass website ( You can also save the website on your computer and generate a new bookmarklet any time or you can save the JavaScript code of the bookmarklet.

If you have any more questions head over to SuperGenPass’s How It Works FAQ page.

Step by Step Guide: How to Use SuperGenPass
Go to & build your SuperGenPass bookmarklet.
(note: Once again I want to point out that the SuperGenPass bookmarklet never transmits any information over the internet, neither during the creation or while you are using it.)

Step 1: Choose your web browser
note: The Firefox choice works with most browsers such as Chrome, Safari, & Opera

Step 2: Set your security level & depending on your choice enter your master password
note: For your personal computers I recommend the second choice because it alerts you if you mistyped your master password. For public computers always use the first choice for extra security.

Step 3: Set your preferred password length
note: Don’t go below 10. Also keep in mind that some websites have a maximum password length.

Step 4: Click on “Build Bookmarklet”

Step 5: Now you have your generated bookmarklet

Step 6: Drag the generated bookmarklet into your bookmark toolbar

Step 7: Go to one of the websites where you have an account & as always enter your username

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind you will have to first change your passwords for each site with SuperGenPass. All you need to do is to go to one of your accounts and go to the change password section. Then follow steps 8 to 10 of this guide. You then have a new secure password and every time you want to log in you can now use SuperGenPass. Don’t worry you don’t have to change all your passwords at once. You can give yourself time and gradually transition.

Step 8: Click on the SuperGenPass bookmarklet

Step 9: Type your master password into the SuperGenPass bookmarklet & press enter or click submit

Step 10: Now you just have to double click into the password field and SuperGenPass will insert your generated password and you are ready to log in

Feel free to comment about how you like using SuperGenPass and what you thought of this article or if you have some suggestions or questions.


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