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Zeitgeist, the Movie – Theory or Conspiracy?

Updated: Apr 25, 2010

Zeitgeist The MovieThere is a movie called Zeitgeist, the Movie floating around the internet (freely distributed) and I wanted to biefly comment on some parts of it after multiple people had recommended it to me. Overall I found that the movie is working with a very ignorant portrayal of religion. They want to be taken serious and the claims being made are at best suggestions of some underlying fabric while they do not substantiate their findings with a credible bases. It seems a little like numerology where someone is eventually bound to find someway of connecting the dots together.

In addition religion cannot and should not be presented to be synonymous to Abrahamic lineages nor with a primarily focus towards Christianity. This perspective is a one sided western bias. Further more, making fun of Christianity and it’s components surely does not add to the credibility of their theory. If they were taking a comedic approach then good, it was funny at times. But that humor gets in the way of a serious analysis and represents an agenda rather than an dialectical exploration.

I also want to mention that finding these links between religions can be very interesting but it often is meaningless. Many have tried this for example with Jesus and the Buddha’s life. The problem often is that these differing religious figures and involved peoples did not have access to information about people who lived long before them or great distances apart. They did not have a history book connecting all the dots with an outlined global time line as we have today.

In summary, what makes me weary is that everything they present seems to fit together too neatly, which tends to happen when you compile information that fits your theory and sideline everything else. Generally it is not a good sign when there is only information presented in the support and nothing at all against a theory. And to claim that religion or one group of people are behind everything, pulling the strings, is common conspiracy material.

I embeded the entire movie below incase you would like to see it for yourself. It is over two hours long and if you are interested in conspiracy theories it is definitly jucy material, otherwise I don’t think it is worthwhile watching. For a more information you can head over to Wikipedia’s Zeigeist: the Movie article or IMDB.


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9 Responses to “Zeitgeist, the Movie – Theory or Conspiracy?”

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