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Sente 6 a First Class Academic Reference Manager

Cite, Organize, Tag, Search, Highlight, Take Notes, Synchronize, and Customize all within one program. Sente 6 does it all and does it well.

Sente 6 - Academic Reference Manager

Organizing hundreds or thousands of references and keeping up-to-date on the latest research is a real challenge. I have wrestled with a number of citation managers (i.e. EndNote) and Sente 6 is the only one that could do everything I needed. Of-course it takes care of all your citation needs but does far more than that and you’ll see what I mean. Read the full story

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SuperGenPass is one of the easiest and simplest ways of having secure passwords accessible from any computer without having to remember them. It is free, portable, requires no installation, and does not store any of your passwords-ever!

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Posted in Featured, SoftwareComments (264) A Great New Torrent Search Engine

Speckly is the simplest and best meta torrent search engine I have come across. It is relatively new and still in beta testing. Nevertheless, to me, it has already dethroned all other competitors.

Speckly Logo Read the full story

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The launches their Blog host

BayWords has disabled new registrations since August 2008 and doesn’t seem like it has been maintained ever since. It till runs on WordPress 2.6 but the good news is that existing users can still use it for blogging. My suggestion is to use or instead.

BayWords LogoSo the, the torrent search and tracker site, is now hosting their own free blog hosting service at You might wonder why they would do this? Well, it is all done in the name of free speech. There have been many bloggers who have been barred from expressing their right to free speech by blog hosting sites. It is for this very reason the PirateBay has created their free image hosting site with Both have been created and maintained to ensure that free speech has a home on the Internet. (They do state that they abide by Swedish law.) is a modified Multi User blog. I created a test blog at The upside is that it was easy to setup, it is a free service, it has some nice themes, and possibly greater freedom of speech than other alternatives. On the other hand the downside is that they will be showing a limited amount of advertising, you only receive 100MB of storage, and it took way too long for the website to respond to the changes I was trying to make. In comparison is much quicker and I haven’t had any problems with their service. Time will tell if and how BayWords will be improving their service.

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