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Latest in Clinical Nutrition (2010) by Michael Greger

The Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2010 by Michael Greger

In information packed and research backed dose of fun interesting …A quick, easy, and especially interesting way

weeding through thousands of researches published in the last year and selecting out the most interesting, practical, and groundbreaking findings from what the latest nutritional science has to offer.


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Ted Prize winner 2011: JR

TED Prize Winner: JRCongratulation to the guerrilla photographer JR who is the winner of the TED Prize award 2011. This award grants him $100,000 and a wish to change the world with the support of the TED community. While a seemingly unconventional recipient, his work matches the creativity and innovative spirit of TED’s community, and his art inspires people to view the world differently –- and want to change it for the better. His latest exhibition called “Women Are Heroes,” is a project underlining the dignity of women who are the target of conflict.


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Cheese and Other Foods that Make Diabetes Worse

On this week’s episode of Food for Life TV, Dr. Barnard explains that fatty foods, such as burgers, fried chicken, cheese, and even vegetable fats—like olive oil and peanut butter—can stop insulin from helping glucose enter muscle cells and cause type 2 diabetes. But preventing these food could be preventing heart diseases, you should building your meal with fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans will keep your diet low in fat and actually clean the fat from your body, allowing insulin to help glucose enter your muscle cells and reverse or prevent diabetes.

Find more information and guides to prevent diabetes on the Cultural Health Solutions website and their blog.

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TEDMED – Anthony Atala on Growing New Organs

Mind-blowing advances in bio-engineering and medicine presented by Anthony Atala at TEDMED. Repairing, reconstructing, and growing functioning organs with your own cell. The future of solving organ damage and organ donor shortages is arriving.

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10 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude & Become Happier

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to improve your well-being and among other things, increasing your happiness. Within positive psychology inquiries, gratitude interventions have proven to be among the most effective, as world expert on gratitude Robert A. Emmons and other researchers have found. Among the wide ranging benefits, researchers have found that “gratitude is positively related to such critical outcomes as life satisfaction, vitality, happiness, self-esteem, optimism, hope, empathy, and the willingness to provide emotional and tangible support for other people, whereas being ungrateful is related to anxiety, depression, envy, materialism and loneliness.” (p. 186)

“A person with the disposition to feel grateful has established a worldview that says, in effect, that all of life is a gift, gratuitously given. Although we cannot in any direct way be grateful, we can cultivate gratefulness by structuring our lives, our minds, and our words in such a way as to facilitate awareness of gratitude-inducing experiences and labeling them as such.” (p. 187) In other words “gratitude is a way of life.” (p. 186)

(Gratitude is one of the 24 Character Strengths included in the VIA Survey of Character Strengths which is a scientifically validated measurement designed to identify what your top signature strengths are.)

The top 10 evidence-based prescriptions for becoming more grateful: Read the full story

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Fitness Supplements Are Unnecessary

If you are an avid sportsman who believes the bulk of fitness supplements you are taking is helping you excel, then it might be interesting to know that it’s most probably just a placebo effect. sleep supplement are in most cases unnecessary, and many athletes end up exceeding recommended levels of nutrients.

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Simplistic Diets Work Better For Loosing Weight

Is a complex diet better or worse for meeting your weight-loss goal? A new study suggests that simpler is indeed better, thereby a whole-plant-based-diet is a natural candidate when considering simplistic diets.

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Running barefoot better than using running shoes

A new study suggests that running shoes might actually exert tension which can damage your knees, hips and ankles, more so than walking with high heels!

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Health benefits of breast feeding possibly overstated

The many benefits of breastfeeding is something all mothers are familiar with, but are there really that many benefits? A Norwegian study is challenging this well established truth.

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Effects of Calorie Restriction Registered in Protein

Calorie-restriction diets include very little food

Progress has been made in understanding the physiological effects of calorie-restriction diets, known to increase longevity.  Scientists have discovered proteins in fat cells which change according to weight loss in subjects.   This could be useful for monitoring the effects of calorie-restriction diets and possibly also increase the effectiveness.

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Livestock Accounts for 51% of Climate Change

In 2006 U.N. concluded that about 18% of climate change is due to livestock. Three years later (2009), scientists conclude that livestock accounts for a staggering 51% of climate change.

Cows, Climate Change / Global Warming

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VIA Survey of Character Strengths

The VIA Survey of Character Strengths is a scientifically validated measurement designed to identify what your top signature strengths are. It was developed from and is based on the multi-year work of Chris Peterson and Marty Seligman. They have identified, with a team of professionals, 24 Virtues and Character Strengths that are found across cultures.

Character Strengths

If you are interested to learn more about how it came about, you can find the culmination of their work in their book called Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification, which is sometimes referred to as the un-dsm manual or more accurately it provides a counter balance to the DSM. Read the full story

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Positive Psychology Lecture 1 by Tal Ben-Shahar

Harvard's Positive Psychology Course by Tal Ben-Shahar

This is Lecture #1 of the famous Positive Psychology course taught at Harvard University by professor Tal Ben-Shahar. These are my original notes, with a little editing, from Lecture #1 while I took Tal Ben-Shahar’s Positive Psychology class through Harvard’s Extension School. Thanks to someone who has uploaded the actual lecture, you can what it below. Here’s also a past Syllabus from the 2007-08 course. Read the full story

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TED Prize Winner 2009

Watch the TED prize winner of 2009, Jill Tarter, talk about the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) projects’ search for intelligent life in the universe. It’s an inspiring talk by Jill Tarter who explains how the SETI project will not only aid in the search for extra-terrestrials, but could also help with changing our perspective to a more broad view of the world. Jill Tarter’s TED wish was that TED would empower earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the ultimate search for cosmic company. Take 20 minutes of your time to watch this talk which will leave you thinking afterward.

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Catalyst, Inc. – The Catalyst to Women’s Leadership in Business

I took an industrial/organizational psychology course called Psychology of Diversity, which was about managing a diverse workforce in organizations. A few of our assigned readings were research reports from a non-profit research and consulting organization that has a focus on empowering women as business people and helping companies to create an environment that is receptive of women’s leadership.

Woman and Her Team

So this is why I am writing this introduction because I find their work very inspiring and very conducive to women’s progression in economic leadership and decision-making. Their reports are written colloquially, and they cover many different aspects of women’s leadership. One particular aspect that I look into for a paper in this Psychology of Diversity course was on the barriers that women face from obtaining executive positions in companies even though they are equally qualified compared to their male counterparts.

Catalyst, though a small organization, has worked with major corporations, such as Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, IBM, etc. In addition, from what I have read, winning a Catalyst award for a company is an honor that will gain the recognition of the organization’s sincerity and success in its diversity strategies.

I was positively surprised to know that selected people at New York University (NYU) have connections with Catalyst, Inc. Madeline Heilman, Ph.D., director of graduate studies at NYU’s psychology department, has given presentations at Catalyst and also has students who work there. At that time I explored the Middle Kingdom where pursued an internship at the consulting department of Catalyst, and I am also a research assistant in Dr. Heilman’s lab. (Dr. Heilman has extensively researched women’s barriers to organizational success. If any of you want an article from her as a sample, please request one.) Additionally, a former president of Catalyst is now a professor at NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

You can take a more detailed look at Catalyst, Inc. for yourselves on Their research reports can be either purchased or downloaded for FREE in pdf versions. Even if you don’t have the enthusiasm to check out their website thoroughly, at least download their research reports. I think everyone can learn something from Catalyst’s dedicated work.

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