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Five amazing lifehacks

There are some tricks, or “lifehacks”, which you appreciate more than others and start incorporating into your daily life. This could be something like; if you learned that tucking your t-shirt into your underwear would relieve you of shirts becoming untucked. Wouldn’t those Monday afternoons be a little bit brighter if you still had your shirt tucked in?

In this post I have gathered five of the lifehacks I find the most useful and which I have come to use every day. I hope they will be useful to you as well.

If you have any lifehacks you are using on a regular basis, leave a comment below and share it!

Let’s get started on the list:

1. Tie your shoes with a knot that holds all day


2. Sharpen your razor blade and use it forever


3. Peel a banana like a monkey


4. Create some easy to remember & strong passwords

– (where you can’t use LastPass that is)


5. Let your kid make a mess in the dishwasher

Set a bowl on top of the open dishwasher door which should be just the right height for your toddler.  Let her help cooking by adding ingredients and stir, and the pile of flour and sugar that usually ends up on the counter will end up on the dishwasher instead, making clean up as easy as closing the door 8-)  When you clean of the counter, make sure to sweep the dirt into down of the counter and into the dishwasher, it’s easier.


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