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Creation of the First Artificial Life Form

A brand new living cell and the beginning of an era for artificial life forms! It’s official, J. Craig Venter and his team have created the first self-replicating synthetic cell with a completely man-made set of genetic instructions—a never before existing bacteria species has joined the ranks of the living.

Dr Craig Venter Announces First Synthetic Living Cell

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Theory of Mind – Robert Seyfarth

We all have a theory of mind, of how our mind works, and how the minds of others work. Professor Robert Seyfarth from the University of Pennsylvania talks briefly on how the early years of child development are when we learn to form the basics of a theory of the mind. With time and age we change and refine our theory as we try to account for the complexity of social interactions.

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Search for Hidden Dimensions – Brian Greene

Hidden dimensions may be all around us but they are too small for us to notice—for now. On paper the math behind string theory is making a strong case for these extra dimension. The next step is to find some experimental evidence to support the claims and predictions made by string theory.

The Large Hadron Collider is right now the best chance for testing these predictions about extra dimensions. What is also fascinating is when Brian Greene talks (5:45) about the possibility that the big bang was not the beginning or rather only the beginning for our little speck somewhere within a much larger universe where our big bang is one of many. Unfortunately he isn’t very optimistic about us ever being able to explore them but that is really getting ahead of ourselves.

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Contaminated Without Consent (Chemical Toxins)

Contaminated Without Consent is about “the hidden risks from chemical contaminants found in our homes, workplaces, the products we buy, and even our bodies.”

source: Contaminated Without Consent

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