Archive | November, 2008 – Secure Passwords Made Easy

SuperGenPass is one of the easiest and simplest ways of having secure passwords accessible from any computer without having to remember them. It is free, portable, requires no installation, and does not store any of your passwords-ever!

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When is the Right Time to Teach Children about Sex?

When to teach children about sex?I think that one of the main issues in sex education is timing. I have always wondered when the appropriate time is to teach children about sex and sexuality. Timing is important because it is part of the proactive approach to sex education. Read the full story

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Welcome to Optimal Functioning

I hope you like the new site. It took longer than expected for me to get everything set up from hosting it, finding the right theme, and customizing it where needed.

My real hope is that we will have a steady flow of new articles on a variety of topics.

As it stands now the categories include: entertainment, health, philosophy, psychology, science, and software.

I hope you enjoy the site and am looking forward to all the feedback.

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